Public Neighborhood Meeting
DATE: Thursday August 1st
TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Homewood Suites
4250 N. Campbell Avenue (in St. Phillip’s Plaza)



You are invited to attend a public neighborhood meeting to hear a presentation for two proposed rezoning cases.  One is a residential project located on the west side of Campbell Avenue which will include less than 20 townhomes (“Proposed Townhomes”).  The other is a proposed boutique hotel and restaurant which will be located on the east side of Campbell Avenue, north of the St. Phillip’s in the Hills Episcopal Church property (“Proposed Hotel and Restaurant”).  The locations of the two properties are shown below.


This meeting is being held as part of the zoning process to revise zoning on the two properties.  Both properties are being proposed to be annexed into the City of Tucson.  The zoning of the Proposed Townhomes on the west side of Campbell is proposed to change from Pima County CR-1 zoning to City of Tucson R-2 and P zoning.  The P zoning will allow some parking along the southern edge of the property, adjacent to the Joesler Village project.  There will be a density cap of 20 residential units included in the zoning.

The Proposed Hotel and Restaurant site on the east side of Campbell is proposed to be rezoned from County TR zoning to City of Tucson OCR-1 zoning with limitations on heights and other standards to permit the boutique hotel concept.

As a resident, property owner or neighborhood association representative who owns property nearby, we invite you to attend a neighborhood meeting to learn more abut the two rezonings.  The meeting will include a presentation, a review of the City’s rezoning process, and plenty of time for questions.

Meeting Information
DATE:    Thursday August 1st
TIME:    6:00 PM
LOCATION:         Homewood Suites
4250 N. Campbell Avenue (in St. Phillip’s Plaza)

The City will directly send you separate notices for any future public hearings.  If you would like to speak personally with someone at the City regarding this matter, please feel free to call Mr. John Beall directly at (520) 837-6966.

We look forward to seeing you at the neighborhood meeting.  If you have any questions before the meeting, or if you cannot attend the meeting and would like to discuss the rezonings, please contact Keri Silvyn at (520) 207-4464 or via email at



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