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Our volunteer CFA Board advocates for Areas 1-­‐9 on a variety of matters (zoning, commercial development, safety, etc.) by communicating between our members and our governmental representatives.

The Board’s role varies by area:

Areas 1-­‐4: The original CC&Rs for Areas 1-­‐4, placed by the Murphey Trust, expired in 1980. Those property owners who have not placed new CC&Rs on their property are subject to Pima County Zoning Regulations. Pima County Zoning allows building heights of up to 34’ and 10’ setbacks from property lines. Many property owners have elected to place new CC&Rs on their properties to maintain the neighborhood character envisioned by the Murpheys. In contrast to Pima County zoning, these CC&Rs have, for example, height limitations of 18’ and 30’ setbacks from property lines. The CFA ensures that properties covered by the newer CC&Rs in Areas 1-­‐4 are in compliance and conducts Architectural Review for these properties. These newer CC&Rs may be viewed on our website. Please contact the Board if you would like to place them on your property.

Areas 5 and 6: The CC&Rs for Areas 5 and 6 were successfully renewed in perpetuity. It is the CFA’s role to ensure compliance and to conduct Architectural Review for these properties. Essentially, the CFA plays the role of Homeowners’ Association for Areas 5 and 6.

Areas 7-­‐9: Areas 7-­‐9 have their own CC&Rs as well as their own Homeowners’ Associations to enforce their covenants.

Skyline/Campbell commercial corners: We enforce the development agreements for three of the business corners at this intersection. 

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