The Catalina Foothills Association (CFA) is a homeowners’ organization chartered in 1956 when this area of the Catalina Foothills was being settled. The goal established then remains the same to this day: To maintain the highest possible standard for quality of life for the people who live in our neighborhood, which now exceeds 1,600 homes. The CFA's primary mission is to act on behalf of all residents on matters which affect Catalina Foothills Estates 1-9.

The CFA board members are unpaid volunteers who live within the CFA boundaries and want to protect the unique qualities of living in the Sonoran Desert. Board members serve on committees that engage in specific activities and projects of the Association. There are no social or political agendas.

CFA boundaries, interrupted by other neighborhoods, are roughly within the grid formed by First Avenue, Hacienda del Sol, River Road and Ina Road. All of the area is unincorporated in Pima County, Arizona.

>> CFA Boundary map (PDF)

Articles that may be of interest from past newsletters are posted on this website, as are critiques of the Association’s sponsored symposiums, The Future of the Foothills and Report to the Foothills.

The CFA Board is responsible for enforcing the deed restrictions for Areas 1 through 6 and for all other covenants in areas that do not have their own boards of directors. This includes those areas in which covenants are being reinstated on an individual property basis. 

» Download the CC&Rs for Areas 1–4

» Download the CC&Rs for Areas 5 and 6
» Download declaration to reinstate covenants on individual properties
» Download CFA Boundaries Map