Thinking of Remodeling?

Recommendations to homeowners who plan to remodel:

  1. Is your home subject to CCRs? If so, your plans must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to the start of construction. All properties in Areas 5 and 6 are subject to CCRs and many properties in Areas 1 through 4 have reinstated their CCRs. Areas 7 through 9 are subject to review by their individual HOA’s.
  2. Survey your lot. There may be changes in the boundaries that the title company overlooked.
  3. Talk to your neighbors about your plans.
  4. Get the permits from Pima County.
  5. Once approved, call the Architectural Review Committee if any changes are made to the plans.
  6. Schedule a final site review when completed.

Contact the CFA

Recommendations to homeowners who oppose the remodeling:

  1. There are no scenic easements. A view may be blocked even though the setbacks are changed or the location and the height of the building are reduced. Many remodels may include higher ceilings, which will increase the height of the house.
  2. Views may also be blocked because of drainage problems, flood plains, excessive slopes or easements, or the shape of the lot, all of which can limit the location of the addition.
  3. Because it is difficult to visualize the location of a building on the site map, the actual location on the ground may appear to be different. This may cause problems when the foundation and the slab are completed.
  4. There are no neighborhood conformity regulations. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Recognize that the individual who owns the building being constructed or remodeled has made a substantial investment in the building; it is theirs to enjoy.
  5. Residents who drive by the home or those not directly impacted by the construction of the home have no standing.

lf you wish to lodge a complaint to the Architectural Committee, please contact us.  You can also make an appointment to meet with the Architectural Review committee or to address the Board at the next board meeting.